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60 Degree Overhangs with Pulse Mode Printing

60 Degree Overhangs with Pulse Mode Printing
February 22, 2021

Exciting news at Digital Alloys!

We have created new control algorithms that enable Pulse Mode Printing (PuMP). The PuMP process dramatically increases the resolution and geometric flexibility of Joule Printing™. Using 0.9mm wire, we are now printing walls that are just over 1mm thick as well as 60 degree unsupported overhangs. Resolution will increase when we use thinner wire.

This dramatic improvement in resolution and geometric flexibility greatly expands the number of applications for Joule Printing. Images from the first two weeks of testing PuMP are below. The vase is a shape that could not be made with conventional machining.

For larger parts, no 3D metal printing technology can match Joule Printing’s combination of speed, cost, material properties, reliability, and geometry flexibility.

Figure 1 - 1.2mm Wall Thickness printed using 0.9mm Wire
Figure 2 - 60 Degree Overhangs, printed without Supports
Figure 3 - A Shape that Can’t be Machined Conventionally
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