The Digital Alloys high-speed multi-metal printer is used in applications that benefit from:

  • the ability to produce new parts that are multi-metal and/or incorporate unique and complex geometries;
  • large cost reductions for machining, tooling, and short-run manufacturing; and
  • a dramatic reduction in turn-around time from design to final part.

We are working with customers on the following applications:

Pushing the Design Envelope with Multi-Metal Parts and Complex Geometries – with the Digital Alloys system, designers can create new parts with complex geometries and multi-metal features. Uses include:

  • Improvements in cooling efficiency with new high surface-area and multi-metal thermal designs;
  • Corrosion-resistant designs that add coatings and plates in a 2nd metal; and
  • Novel designs for optimizing permanent magnets.

Reduced Machining Costs for Hard-to-Cut Metals – machining from raw stock can result in 50%+ scrap and long cycle times. For hard-to-cut metals like titanium or stainless steel, the time to cut raw stock to get “near the shape” of the final part dominates machine time and scrap costs. Our system inexpensively print near-net-shape parts that require only finish machining. This dramatically reduces the cost and time required to build machined parts.

Tooling and Molding – steel used to create tools and molds is very difficult and costly to machine. With the Digital Alloys systems, tools and molds can be printed in a near net shape that requires only finish machining, reducing machining time by hours or days. In addition, multi-metal printing enables new mold designs with internal cooling channels that increase mold lifetime and decrease cycle time during the molding process.

Reduced Costs and Turn-around Time for Cast or Forged Parts – parts that are cast or forged require expensive and time-consuming mold or tool production before the first part is in hand. For volumes below a few 1,000 parts, or parts where time is critical, economic near-net-shape printing with our system offers dramatic reductions in cost and turn-around time.

Prototyping – lead-time is critical in rapid prototyping. Prototyping with our system can reduce turn-around time from design to full strength part to hours from the days or weeks typical with casting/forging or machining.

Spare Parts – holding and managing spare parts inventory is incredibly costly. Emergency production runs for small batches of spare parts wreak havoc on production schedules and costs. With additive manufacturing, you can replace physical inventory with a digital inventory and produce metal parts just in time.